Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is an explanation about the information we collect about you and other users who visit Vlogger Academy ( If you don't agree with this Privacy Policy, you can't use our website.

The date we collect

Cookies and cookie usage:

Vlogger Academy ( uses cookies that help us to maintain and improve our services. If you don't accept this, please adjust the cookie settings of your browser or don't use the website.

Advertisements - Ad Related Cookies:

Vlogger Academy displays personalized advertisements from our advertising partners. These ads use cookies to serve personalized promotions. To learn more about the collected information regarding to the ads, please read this detailed guide about the collected information>.

Data from your website usage:

The data we collect from our non-registered visitors are stored and collected anonimously. When you visit Vlogger Academy, we can store your IP adress, type of your hardware, unique device identifier (UID), IMEI number, your operating system's, browsers's type and version number, the time you spent on the website, your language, the previously visited sites. We also track what pages are you visiting and the time you spend on our pages.

Data from the website usage of registered users:

When you register an account on Vlogger Academy, we will store your email address and password. This information is required because the functionality of the site like sign up, log in, forgot password. We won't share this information with anybody. Emails are needed for the system messages and other important notifications related to the site's functions, plus we can send you newsletter (please read about our email policy later in this policy). When you use Vlogger Academy, you can add content as a favorite to your profile, we also store these favorites. Furthermore these favorites can be anonimosuly processed and used for new functions, features and marketing related resources for our marketig team.

Email messages:

Vlogger Academy sends you automated system emails when you sign up, create a new password, delete your account or in any important cases that is linked to the operation of the site or your account. We also send you email notifications linked to your activity on the site, for example when you get a new comment, new message etc... Besides the system emails we also send newsletters weekly 2-3 times to our users. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter from the emails. If you don't want system emails, you have to delete your Vlogger Academy account.

With the help of the collected analyzed information, we can analyze usage trends. We can also use the collected information to track and identify any illegal activities. Our partners, service providers and other third parties may have access to the anonym info.