American Youtubers Ranked By Instagram Followers

The rankings contains the american vloggers with the most Instagram followers. Please note that this toplist based on our filtered channel directory and not an official Instagram ranking.

American Youtuber, Huda Beauty's Profile Photo

1. Huda Beauty

Instagram Followers: 34257520

American Youtuber, Lele Pons's Profile Photo

2. Lele Pons

Instagram Followers: 33723129

American Youtuber, Amanda Cerny's Profile Photo

3. Amanda Cerny

Instagram Followers: 24634711

American Youtuber, AmandaCernyVlogs's Profile Photo

4. AmandaCernyVlogs

Instagram Followers: 24634709

American Youtuber, Zach King's Profile Photo

5. Zach King

Instagram Followers: 20619292

American Youtuber, Liza Koshy's Profile Photo

6. Liza Koshy

Instagram Followers: 17813660

American Youtuber, Logan Paul Vlogs's Profile Photo

7. Logan Paul Vlogs

Instagram Followers: 16003884

American Youtuber, Hannah Stocking's Profile Photo

8. Hannah Stocking

Instagram Followers: 15963446

American Youtuber, Loren Gray's Profile Photo

9. Loren Gray

Instagram Followers: 15941926

American Youtuber, jeffreestar's Profile Photo

10. jeffreestar

Instagram Followers: 11975878