Canadian Youtubers Ranked By Instagram Followers

The rankings contains the canadian vloggers with the most Instagram followers. Please note that this toplist based on our filtered channel directory and not an official Instagram ranking.

Canadian Youtuber, IISuperwomanII's Profile Photo

1. IISuperwomanII

Instagram Followers: 8406038

Canadian Youtuber, farahdhukai's Profile Photo

2. farahdhukai

Instagram Followers: 6559198

Canadian Youtuber, How To Cake It's Profile Photo

3. How To Cake It

Instagram Followers: 2869785

Canadian Youtuber, Gigi Gorgeous's Profile Photo

4. Gigi Gorgeous

Instagram Followers: 2237741

Canadian Youtuber, Samantha Ravndahl's Profile Photo

5. Samantha Ravndahl

Instagram Followers: 2219655

Canadian Youtuber, Unbox Therapy's Profile Photo

6. Unbox Therapy

Instagram Followers: 1997322

Canadian Youtuber, Elisabeth Rioux's Profile Photo

7. Elisabeth Rioux

Instagram Followers: 1853669

Canadian Youtuber, FaZe Rain's Profile Photo

8. FaZe Rain

Instagram Followers: 1843403

Canadian Youtuber, Peter McKinnon's Profile Photo

9. Peter McKinnon

Instagram Followers: 1668925

Canadian Youtuber, Marc Fitt's Profile Photo

10. Marc Fitt

Instagram Followers: 1455944